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Kentucky Rural Housing USDA Guidelines for Outbuildings, Barns, Storage Sheds, Farm Animals, Farm Machinery and land values

USDA Outbuildings & Property Eligibility Rules

If you are listing a home that you think might qualify for USDA financing, Rural Housing will not let you finance a property with income-producing outbuildings or excessive land values. 

Here’s some information to determine if the property qualifies for a USDA mortgage.

The property is ineligible if any of the building can be used for farm-related purposes, even if it’s not being used as such at this time. 

  • No farm-related property
  • No vacant land primarily used for farming, or commercial business
  • No farm-related outbuildings
    • Livestock barns/shelters
    • Machinery storage buildings
    • Crop storage buildings
    • Grain silos

Functional farm structures are acceptable if they are non-income producing, acceptable for the area, and the value is deducted from the appraisal value for loan purposes. 

  • Barns
  • Horse, calf, goats, small animals as pets
  • Usable structure value must be deducted from appraisal value
    • Property Value $100,000 – Less $10,000 Barn Value = $90,000 Maximum Loan Value (can add up-front guarantee fee)

Non-functional Farm structures that cannot be used without significant repairs are acceptable for USDA lending purposes.

  • Dilapidated barns or storage sheds used for storage (non-farm items)

Land Limitations

  • “Generally,” the value of the site must not exceed 30% of total value of property
  • State offices cannot impose acreage limitations (such as 10 acres, etc.).

Questions to consider when qualifying site & outbuildings

  1. Is there income-producing land?
  2. Are there buildings that CAN BE USED for income-producing purposes?
  3. Are there buildings SPECIFICALLY designed to accommodate business or income-producing enterprises? 
(If yes answer, property is NOT ELIGIBLE for USDA financing.)

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