Kentucky USDA Rural Housing Credit Requirements for 2016


If more than one score is supplied by the same repository, the lesser of the scores will be used.
  • Determining Qualifying Credit Score:
    • Middle of 3
    • Lower of 2
    • If only one score is provided, the loan is ineligible 
Minimum credit score for:
  • GUS Approval = 640
  • Credit report must match GUS findings.
  • Must not be older than 120 days on the date of closing for existing properties and new construction.
  • Must contain complete information provided by all three repositories.
  • The credit report must show the following three required FICO scoring models for the report to be valid with us.

    1. Equifax Beacon 5.0
    2. Transunion FICO Risk Score, Classic 04
    3. Experian/Fair Isaac Risk Model V2.
  • Must reflect a minimum of 2 scores per borrower.
At least one applicant whose income or assets are used for qualification must have at least 2 historical trade line payment references that have existed for at least 12 months to establish a credit reputation and validate the credit score.
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