Kentucky Rural Development Home Mortgage Loans Guidelines for 2018 Updated


  Fixed: 30 Yr. only


  All loans are run through GUS (Guaranteed Underwriting System). Must be
located in an eligible location
Accept/Eligible and

 Manual underwriting allowed on an exception basis. Technically a manual
underwrite is considered an exception.

 USDA files cannot have multiple exceptions when a file has to receive a
manual underwrite.

 All USDA files will need 2 months bank statements regardless if funds are
needed or not needed for closing.

Credit Score

  600 - Lower of 2 or Middle of 3 repositories. (580-599 exception only)
 640 and below credit scores require a manual underwrite. (GUS will not
approve 640 and below)

Down Payment

 No minimum down payment required- but asset verification is still required

Seller Assist

 Maximum 6% of sales price

DAP Assistance

 Borrowers who choose to make a down payment may use a Government or
Municipal Down Payment Assistance Program (DAP).

Subordinate Financing

  Not Permitted.


 N/A No Reserves

Mortgage/Rent History

 If Credit score is > 640 then follow GUS Findings. If Credit Score is < 640 need
verification of rent (cancelled checks or 3rd party Institution)


 Owner Occupied Primary residence only.

Debt to Income Ratio

  Must maintain Gus Accept Findings – typically maximum 43% DTI, Credit score
less than 640 – DTI must not exceed 29/41


  Minimum 2 Years discharged if a result of extenuating circumstances. Minimum 3
Years discharged if a result of financial mismanagement. Multiple Bankruptcies
are not permitted.


  Minimum 3 Years completed. Delinquencies since Foreclosure discharge will be
scrutinized and may result in an ineligible loan.

Property Types

  Single Family Attached and Detached, Condo, PUD


 Condominium must be currently approved by HUD (FHA).

Mortgage Insurance

  1.00% Up front guarantee Fee as of 10/1/15, .35% Annual Fee

Cash out 

 Not applicable. Program is available on Purchases/ Rate and Term only.


  Full Appraisal is required. Appraisals must be ordered via Mortgage Machine or
approved AMC. Appraisal must meet HUD standards


  Escrow of Tax, Insurance and MIP are required on all loans.

Property Flips 

 Flip transactions are eligible

Borrower may own additional property however the other property must be
deemed inadequate (increased family size, family needs, and safety hazards) or
other property must be more than 50 miles away from the subject

Must be an Arm’s Length transaction. Must prove the loan is not a bail out if a Non
Arm’s length transaction


Text/call:      502-905-3708
fax:            502-327-9119

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