Top 5 Reasons To Apply For A Kentucky USDA Rural Housing Streamline Refinance

1. Lower your interest rate, mortgage insurance premium, and total payment FAST. The USDA will allow you to refinance if your savings is greater than $50.00 per month.

2. Finance up to 100% of your home’s value. The Kentucky USDA Mortgage Loan will allow you to refinance even if you closed at a much higher rate a month ago, there is no seasoning requirement.

3. NO APPRAISAL! That’s right, no meeting for appointments and hoping the value comes in, you already have a Kentucky Rural Housing USDA loan, and therefore you qualify to improve your loan.* (*Only direct borrowers that received subsidy)

4. No Net tangible benefit required!(*Only the Streamlined Assist – then at least a $50 net reduction to principal, interest, real estate taxes and homeowners insurance (PITI) payments compared to current PITI)

5. No home inspections or calculation of debt ratios. With a GUS Accept, no debt ratio waiver required. With a GUS Refer, debt ratio waiver to meet HB Chapter 11.

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The Kentucky USDA Streamline Refi is not for those seeking cash-out from the equity in their property. This loan is meant to be rather easy to qualify for and can be closed quickly, many instances in a few short weeks, this is because of your prior Kentucky USDA loan approval.

There are 3 types of USDA refinances in Kentucky For Existing USDA Home Owners

The most popular, and, arguably, beneficial refinance type that Kentucky USDA offers is the Kentucky USDA Streamlined-Assist program outlined above.

This loan requires no appraisal, no credit check, and no income qualification. Plus, underwater homes are eligible.

But USDA offers two additional types of refinances for other homeowners

This USDA standard streamline program follows generally the same rules as the Streamlined-Assist loan.
No appraisal is required, and underwater homes are eligible.  But this option is not as flexible in other ways. For instance, homeowners must provide proof of current income, and meet debt-to-income standards that apply to USDA home purchase loans. Additionally, standard streamline borrowers can’t roll closing costs into the new loan. Upfront cash would likely be required.

So, why would a homeowner choose this option?  Two reasons:

1.There is no requirement to drop the payment by $50
2.Existing borrowers on the note may be removed if at least one original borrower remains on the loan

So, in the case of divorce, a homeowner might choose a standard streamline loan to remove the ex-spouse.  Likewise, if only a $40 per month reduction in payment is being achieved, the homeowner is not eligible for a Streamlined-Assist loan and could choose the standard streamline option.

USDA also offers a standard “full” refinance that mimics non-streamline options available through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

This loan requires an appraisal, and the maximum loan amount is 100% of the home’s current value, plus the new guarantee fee.

Borrowers must meet credit and income guidelines similar to those applied to USDA home purchase loans.

A homeowner might use this loan type to avoid the $50 payment reduction requirement for the streamline refinance option, or to remove a borrower from the note.

Additionally, this non-streamline option allows closing costs to be rolled into the new loan if the new appraised value is adequate, a feature that is not available on the standard streamline.

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