USDA Rural Housing Loan helps elderly woman become a first-time homeowner

USDA helps elderly WV woman become a first-time homeowner:

 One 71-year-old woman from St. Albans is finally a homeowner thanks to a program through The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).
“You don’t have to be my age, but you can be…” said Edna Contreras.
She was able to receive a home loan through the USDA Rural Development Single Family Housing Direct Loan which helps low-income applicants become homeowners.
“I know it’s surprising to some people, ‘This is your first home?’ ‘Yes, I’ve never had the confidence’,” said Contreras.
USDA Rural Development State Director, Kris Warner said, “This is a program specifically set up for someone who can’t obtain bank financing, but they’re credit-worthy.”
Applicants are then placed on a payment assistance plan that temporarily reduces their mortgage payments, allowing them to own a home with financial security.
The program offers safe and clean housing eligible in rural areas with a population less than 35,000.
Contreras had been an apartment dweller for all of her adult life. She was approved for a $92,000 loan through the program to buy a house and says she is now living the American dream.
“I’m paying less for a house than I was to rent, my utilities are a little cheaper… hey, it is great,” said Contreras.
The program application process varies depending on availability and the demand in your area.